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We are Commited

To providing children in our schools and communities

the best quality programming. 


The Washington, D.C. Chapter

The Continental Societies, Inc.  Washington, D.C. Chapter (DC Chapter) has worked to advance the welfare of underserved children --  touching  the lives of thousands of children. Our progressive chapter has provided mentorship opportunities and awarded scholarships to more than two hundred fifty (250) entering freshmen.


The DC Chapter is affiliated with the National organization founded in 1956 and  currently has 46 chapters in 21states, the District of Columbia and Bermuda. The D.C. Chapter is committed to providing children in schools and communities the best quality programming through our key initiatives and our programmatic thrust.

Robin Browder, National President

Margo H. Briggs, President

Lisa Rosser Fox, 1st Vice President

Eunice Cherry, 2nd Vice President

Catherine A. Husbands, Recording Secretary

C. Lillette Green Campbell, Financial Secretary

Phyllis Yates-Manigault, Treasurer

Denise Shelton, Sergeant-at-Arms

Jeanette Mobley, Chaplain

Eunice M. Cherry, Public Relations Officer

Farita Davis, Historian

Essie G. Page, Parliamentarian

Venida Y. Hamilton, Immediate Past President

P. Carvella Beavers *

Dorothy Bondurant*

Joanne Boxley-May

Ann P. Chapman

Eunice N. Cherry

Farita Davis

Beatrice Davis-Willliams

Sherry Felix

Lisa Rosser Fox

Janette Hoston Harris, PhD
Espanola Hughes

Arlene A. Jackson

Janyce Jefferson

Gloria Johnson*

Valerie Kilby

Ethel Lee-Walker

Renunda Lee, Esq.

Paula S.F. Marshall

Viola H McIver*

Jeanette Mobley

Barbara M. Morgan

Vanessa Akins Mosley

Josephine Moss-Nelson

Romain Nelson*

Lavdena Orr, MD

Gloria Quick-Alexander*

Yvette Riddick

Denise Shelton

Marjorie B. Stewart*

Norma Jenkins Stewart*

Elizabeth Thomas-Reynolds

Eloise C. Turner*

Annette Wilson

Associate Members*

Emeritus Members*

Advisory Board Members

Frederick Corder, M.D.

Marilyn McPherson Corder, M.D.

Vince L. Moss, M.D. F.I.C.S., F.A.C.S.

Vance J. Moss, M.D. F.I.C.S., F.A.C.S.

Honorable Mary A. Terell

 Honorary Members

Artis Hampshire-Cowan

The Honorable Alexis Herman

Our Mission Statement

To create environments within our communities that empower children to have access to quality and appropriate opportunities to reach their optimal potential.  We have renewed efforts to provide services, programs, and projects under the Continental Societies, Inc.


H.E.E.R. + Arts and Humanities

Health -- Janyce Jefferson
Education -- Sherry Felix

Employment -- Lisa Fox

Recreation -- Joyce Kilgore

Scholarship -- Annettee Wilson

Arts and Humanities -- Beatrice Davis-Williams


Our Children, Our Commitment, Our Concern


Our newest Sisters

Sisters Stepping Out for Our Children

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