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Dear  Continentals,

It is with pleasure and gratitude that we look forward to seeing each of you at the 60th Conclave of the Continental Societies, Incororated.  Collectively we have worked to provide a series of focused experiences for all members attending. We have pooled our ideas, our knowledge, our skills, our talents and our resources.  Our collective activities enriches the lives of the members of the community-at-large.

Las Vegas' stimulating sights and sounds will serve as the background for the 60th Diamond Anniversary of our National Conclave.  With luck on their side, Conclave attendees can roll the dice and strike a balance between business and pleasure.  

Our intent is to make this an experience that will expand the competencies of the Continentals. We want you each to leave having acquired information that will be  beneficial to you when you return to your chapters.  Continentals have had a very extraordinary year as we have set goals, which we have exceed above our own expectations.  Our membership numbers have increased and our scholarship awards have impacted positively over sixty students in the college or university of their choice.  We exceeded our African American read in numbers by a thirty per cent increase over our last year numbers. We entered into a limted partnership with the Black McDonald's owners in Dallas Texas, focusing on literacy.

We can be proud of the work, which was done this year although we still have some challenges to face, as we strive to expand our service areas.

I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the significance of our 60th Diamond Anniversary.  We are proud African American women bold enough to declare our mission is on children, our children, our commitment, our concern.  We took up the mantle for children sixty years ago and we continue to uphold the mission of our organizers.  Let us be proud of our legacy and continue to up hold our legacy.  




Our Successes

Edna Lee Moffitt

Edna Lee Moffit

National President

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